Alfresco is an open source platform, designed to build enterprise portals, enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM) systems. For many years Alfresco has been one of four leaders in Enterprise Content Management class rating, made by analytical agency Gartner Group.

Alfresco platform is created and supported by the British company Alfresco Software. Alfresco exists in two editions. Alfresco Community is a free system and  distributed under conditions of GNU Lesser General Public License. Alfresco Enterprise edition is commercially and proprietary licensed version of the product. Both editions are open source and open standards software. So, any version of Alfresco can be modified to meet  the needs of the company. Clients get full rights on platform modification.

Alfresco is compatible with different platforms. Server part of Alfresco can work on different operating systems: Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Solaris, Ubuntu, Suse etc. Apart from that, Alfresco is compatible with different DBMS and application servers (both free and commercial ones).

Alfresco includes such modules as, repository of content, ready to use web portal, framework for managing standard portal content, SMB interface compatible with Microsoft Windows and Unix OS file systems via Internet, web content management system with virtualization of web applications, indexing and fast data searching tools, business process management modules jBPM and Activity.

At last, Alfresco has got a user friendly web interface, using which you can get an easy and secure access to the content from anywhere in the world.

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