Liferay Portal is an open source enterprise portal software product. Liferay Portal is written in Java and works on any platform with Java Runtime Environment and Java Applications server. Liferay includes content management system (web content, documents, multimedia files) and organizing collaborative work (calendar, wiki, forums, blogs, messenger). Portal offers flexible customization to meet the exact needs of clients.

Liferay Portal allows users to set up single access to different applications via the site. It is possible due to functional modules, which are called portlets. Liferay supports portlest development in several programming languages, including Java, Ruby and PHP.

Liferay’s functionality is equally good, as that of proprietary portals, such as MS Sharepoint, IBM WebSphere Portal, Oracle and SAP products.

Due to free Community Edition version this product allows to start implementing enterprise portal with minimal investment. Different features enable to implement solutions in the shortest time. Meanwhile, for the corporate clients who require stability and safety first, there is Enterprise Edition: extended version of the system with up to 24х7 technical support. Rich integration capability into company infrastructure, horizontal scalability and processing of thousands transactions per second, superior security – all of these make Liferay an ideal solution for large companies.

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