Alfresco is an open source platform, designed to resolve tasks of enterprise content management. Alfresco will help to address number of tasks: electronic document management, business processes automation, project management, electronic archive, corporate portal, posting information on social media, collaborative work etc.

Alfresco platform is created and supported by the British company Alfresco Software. Alfresco exists in two editions. Alfresco Community is a free system and  is distributed under conditions of GNU Lesser General Public License. Alfresco Enterprise edition is commercially and proprietary licensed version of the product. Both editions are open source and open standards software. Clients get full rights on platform modification.

Compatibility with different platforms, module architecture and openness of the used components allow Alfresco to integrate into any informational infrastructure.

Alfresco platform can be divided into several main components:

  • Document Management – system of document management (unified data storage, support of business processes).
  • Records Management – data archive based on the Alfresco repository system.
  • Web Content Management – system of web-content management (collaborative work on the materials, web publications).
  • Share – system of collaborative work, allowing to create a form of social network inside the organization.

Alfresco’s main advantages:

  • Simple extended and quick creation of your own solutions on its base;
  • High security level of document flow system;
  • Minimum requirements to IT resources: integration into any IT infrastructure of the company;
  • Unlimited user license;
  • Wide range of functions, development of additional modules.
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