Documentum platform is designed to manage unstructured content. Documentum is created by EMC (in 2016 was acquired by OpenText Corporation), world leader in developing Enterprise Content Management systems.

It is unstructured information – scanned paper documents, web pages, images, drawings, video files, and so on – that makes the main part of corporate information resources. With Documentum platform, you can manage the processes of its creation, storage, access and personalized distribution.

With solutions based on Documentum platform, a lot of companies got competitive advantage over their rivals due to more complete use of their own intellectual assets. It allowed them to reduce time to market, increase the efficiency of production cooperation and optimize maintenance costs.

Moreover, using Documentum you free yourself from information protection anxiety: it is held centrally, encrypted when necessary, and different users get different access rights.

BTLab offers services of designing, developing, commissioning, maintaining electronic repositories and electronic document flow systems based on Documentum platform. We also offer consulting services.

Our specialists have great experience working with Documentum technologies, they have participated in wide scale projects projects of creating application solutions based on the platform. Senior developers started their work in 2000 with the fourth version of the system, that is why their experience is so great and invaluable.

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